Interesting stats on 4.0/3.0 and 3.5/3.5 mixed doubles combos

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I was on some message board today messing around and came across the link to THIS.

Basically, according to the stats the author combed through, going with a 4.0 man and 3.0 woman combination over a  3.5 man and 3.5 woman is the way to go in mixed doubles. SO YOU’RE ALL FIRED! (Except for Chris and Sylvie).

In each case below, the first level is the male and second is the female.  And I’ve looked at the various different combinations to have a complete picture.

For 7.0, here is how it breaks out for the 18 & over Mixed leagues over the past few years:

4.0/3.0 vs 3.5/3.5 – The 4.0/3.0 wins 60% of the time

3.0/4.0 vs 3.5/3.5 – The 3.0/4.0 wins 52% of the time

4.0/3.0 vs 3.0/4.0 – The 4.0/3.0 wins 57% of the time

It’s a very small sample size, but if you’re wondering, our 3.5 teams are 4-1 against 4.0/3.0 combinations this season (the only loss going to a third-set tiebreaker) — which is good news considering we will be sending out two 3.5 combinations to face two 4.0/3.0 tandems from Brandon Sunday at 9:30 a.m. to determine the league champion.

Our 3.5 combinations finished the season with a 5-2 record against other 3.5 combinations (both losses to the same team at Brandon, which was avenged); our 4.0/3.0 team was 2-0 against 3.5 combinations.

Obviously, there are a ton a variables, such as the ruthlessness of a player to hit at the woman everytime, the quality of the 4.0 and 3.5 players and the quality of the league you’re in. I favored 3.5/3.5 combos when making this team, mainly because I know more of them. But what a group it is. The 3.5 ladies of the Green Machine M7 (Mixed 7.0) are probably on the cusp of being 4.0s. Heck, Laura Baker was a 4.0 at one time and is working her way back in that direction, and along with Janene, Nini, Sharon and Lara all have played their share of 4.0 singles and doubles matches. And some would say Phuong has a 4.0 backhand (to go with her 4.5 giggle).

Also, I happen to think a few of our guys, while 3.5 (or in my case, high-3.0) singles players, are actually 4.0 doubles players. So I’m still a big fan, especially in our case considering the talent at that level, of 3.5+3.5.

But, this article and Santiago Romero — who went to 7.0 mixed nationals and finished fourth and argues with me 4.0/3.0 is the way to go because once you get to sectionals that’s all you will see — got me to thinking.


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