Combo Leagues, full speed ahead

For those asking, I exercised some of the journalistic skills that I perfected to win many different national writing awards and the such in 25 years working for a fading industry that decided, when I had finally reached a point where I was being justly paid for my talents, that it could no longer afford my efforts and unceremoniously though they might say generously offered me a buyout, thus kicking me to the curb and endi…..

Wait…what? Where was I?

Oh yeah!!! I dusted off exercised some of the useless journalistic skills of mine and got it confirmed: The 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5 combo leagues are unaffected by Early Start Ratings.

Yipeeeeeee. So those of you who may eventually think you are all so damn cool and awesome I’m looking at you Lara Slatniske and J.R. Daws get bumped up can proceed with the teams you are currently signed up for at your current NTRP ratings.


About johncotey

John was a sportswriter and columnist for the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay Times for 25 years, before being pushed from the Titantic, and hopes all of you non-subscribers are happy reading your free news on the internets while his journalism brethren suffer. Not that he's not bitter or anything. His real true joys, however, are his wife, kids and tennis, though not necessarily in that order. Unless his wife is reading this. Then DEFINITELY in that order.
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